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This is a great book. I recently came across it one day at the library. It was one of my childhood favorites. The Berenstain's had awesome illustrations & this book has the best! I would love to have a replica of the tree in this book. I still fantasize about exploring it!

Some awesome music I've come to like...

Matmos, Kraftwerk, Devo, Ladytron, MGMT, Chemical Brothers, & Fischerspooner. I'm always up for recommendations! I'll always love Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Yes, Rick Wakeman, Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, & The Guess Who. Also, Do yourself a favor & listen to "Beans in My Ears" by the Serendipity Singers. One of those songs that give you faith in humanity.

Something happy.

I finally have The L Word season six! I've been putting off watching it because I will be sad when it's over. My Halloween job is over next week so I can sit in bed eating ice cream & watching it with my cats.

My ideal friend.

Someone who doesn't steal, smoke or do drugs (except pot maybe sometimes). Who likes to read & learn new things. Who likes to dress up sometimes & eat healthy food. Perhaps bisexual. Am I too picky? Why do the people I get along with end up being such losers?